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Good Days

It is now five years since the David Randall Foundation received charity status and we have already racked up an impressive list of ‘Good Days’ for an ever increasing number of people.

Our team of Ambassadors are doing a fantastic job in arranging these days and below are a selection of them.

It is always nice to receive feedback and we have many satisfied applicants and their families. The director of nursing at the J’s Hospice wrote to say “David Randall Foundation has made a huge difference to the lives of many of our patients and I admire you so much for all you have achieved. David would be so proud of you and the foundation”*


Jean took her sister to see “The Nutcracker” at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. This is what she said “Just got home from a dreamlike day! Everything from the meet and greet at the Opera House (not forgetting the bubbles!) to the ride home wih Geoff went like clockwork, and gave me the fulfillment of a long held dream and as importantly has given my sister a lovely memory of a day we shared. Thank you so much.”

Miller & Carter is Ellie’s favourite place to eat so we gave her a voucher so she can have a special treat with her family.

Chelsea recently went to see Aladdin, and even met some of the cast. What a magical moment!

We recently organised for Kimmy’s Petting Zoo to visit Ferriers Barn, a day centre in Bures, for people with disabilities.

Centre Manager, Nicki, said “Thank you to The David Randall Foundation. They were so kind in organising and funding a visit for our members. They had a wonderful fun and informative day.”
These beautiful pictures tell their own story.

Percy, Eleanor and his family were thrilled to be given passes to the world famous Beth Chatto Gardens near Colchester. These lovely gardens cover six acres – a place where people can see plants matured and grouped harmoniously to suit both their setting and their needs. They said “We received all the stuff this morning, and we are soooo thrilled and grateful. Not only did we get the yearly passes, but lots of lovely cards and a beautiful calendar. I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made to our family. Thank you so much.”

We agree it looks beautiful!

A trip to Snakes Alive was a good day for Rebecca. Her mum said “Thank you so much for the experience yesterday. Rebecca had an amazing time.. She really loved all the interaction and the staff there were so lovely.

She’s very brave – as you can see :)

We are very grateful indeed to you for organising this wonderful experience for her”.

Finlay is not well enough to go out at the moment, so DRF treated him to a new laptop so he can stay on top of his college work, keep in touch with his friends via social media and enjoy his Good Days at home. We are so pleased to be able to do this for him.

Nathan loves eating out and recently dined at Milsom’s Restaurant. What a great picture of Nathan with Mum and DRF Ambassador Julia.

Woburn Safari Park was on Stephen’s wish-list. His parents, Sue and Dean, had this to say “On behalf of Stephen we would like to thank you for arranging this day for Stephen. He had a big smile for most of the day but did get tired near the end”.
And here he is…….

We recently organised for Peter to have trips to Duxford Airfield and Museum and Colchester Zoo having a Penguin Experience.

We are so happy that we have been able to give him and the family such Good Days out. We never knew penguins were so friendly.

The musical Annie and the Rainforest Cafe were on Chantelle’s wish list, and we managed to arrange both on the same day.

Her mum had some pretty awesome things to say about the trip. “ Thank you so much for a wonderful day. It was amazing. we had a lovely table by the gorillas at the Rainforest Cafe, and every fifteen minutes there was thunder and lightning when all the animals came to life. The Annie show was fantastic. Both the girls said the show was the best they have ever seen.
They’ve watched Annie on TV a million times!! They knew all the songs. We sang all the way home in the car. It was a lovely memorable day.”

We had a rather unusual request from Anna. She doesn’t feel like going out much but likes to entertain her friends. So we purchased a unique garden chair so she can enjoy Good Days to her hearts content. And here she is testing it out!

Legoland continues to be a favourite amongst our applicants. Daniella and her family had a fabulous time recently despite the rain. Daniella wrote to us to express her gratitude “We just wanted to write and say a huge thank you to everyone at the David Randall Foundation for allowing us to go to Legoland for two days last week. It was a much-needed family break.

The M25 behaved itself on the way down, so we had plenty of time on Wednesday to work our way round the park. It was raining, but even that didn’t dampen our spirits….It was even a bonus, as there were fewer people in the park, and the queues for the rides were shorter! I don’t think we waited more than about 10 minutes for any ride!

The girls had a great time seeing their favourite Lego Friends doing a show just as we got to Heartlake City, and we managed to stop them buying up the whole shop straightaway. We walked literally miles, and around 4pm we headed back to the hotel and checked into our Adventure Room. The girls were so surprised, and had great fun doing the puzzle to work out the code on the safe. The free gift sets inside kept them busy for a short while!

We had dinner at the Bricks restaurant, which was really good. After dinner we went to the splash park and swimming pool in the hotel, and had fun getting soaked by the water cannons etc, and Aoife even got brave enough to jump in a pool for the first time!

The Thursday started out fine. We still managed to get on all the rides we wanted quite quickly, and both girls passed their Legoland driving licences, which they were very proud of! We also went to see a 4D movie, which was really cool – particularly with the addition of water spray, real fire, wind effects and smoke!

This would not have been possible without the amazing generosity of the David Randall Foundation, and we are all extremely grateful that you allowed us to have this brilliant experience as a family”. It certainly looked great fun judging by the photos below:-

Michael and his family recently went to Legoland with over night stay in local hotel De Vere Beaumont. His mum had this to say “ You have no idea what the trip meant to all of us. We had a great time. The smiles I got from Michael were the best present. Memories and photos are so precious to me. Michael said he was in heaven and particularly loved Star Wars and Darth Vadar. Thank you so much. ”.
And here are the photos to prove it!

Tennis fan Robert had an amazing time at Wimbledon recently – even though they only saw about 15 minutes of tennis due to rain. They were also impressed by the cab driver, very accommodating and made a special effort when picking up in the pouring rain. Game, set and match!

Here are a selection of photos from our applicant Emily who had an amazing time with her family at Peppa Pig World recently.

Our next request for a “Good Day” came from Linda – a trip to the York Train Museum, with an overnight stay in a hotel. She took her family along and here are her words:-
“We had a wonderful time and couldn’t fault anything. The hotel staff were very kind and attentive and did everything possible to make our stay perfect. I can’t thank Ann, our Ambassador, and the David Randall Foundation enough.

The hotel was close to the river and this enabled the whole family to sit and watch the boats etc. A good position for the train museum although a little too far for me to walk, so we caught a taxi and the taxi driver was more like a tour guide. My boys also enjoyed a mystery tour arranged for them at the train museum.”

Who loves Ed Sheeran and wanted to go to his concert at the O2 – our applicant Daniel! And here he is outside with his family. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed it Daniel. We’re not jealous!

Katrina is an ardent Chelsea fan and was delighted when we got tickets for her to see them in action. Here is what she had to say:-
“I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to see my favorite side play in action, it has been on my bucket list for sometime now being a Chelsea fan. The game was one to remember as they just gained the title of Premier Legue Champions of 2017..They won the game and the celebrations that followed afterwards are something like I have never seen before. My brother and I want to say a special thank you for giving us this day..It was amazing!”

And, Katrina also spent some quality time with her family attending the theatre version of Matilda. We are humbled by her words:- “Matilda was one on my favorite childhood movies and I had longed to see it in theatre. Its been a rough time recently but this day really made a difference and gave my family and I some much needed quality time together today and a great evening out. Special Thank you”.

Anna is having a tough time at the moment, in and out of hospital and doesn’t feel well enough to go out. She loves reading so we sent a parcel including a Foyles book token and Arkle Bear to cheer her up. This is what Anna’s mum had to say “ parcel received today and she was so excited ….we are hoping to go to Foyles Book Shop tomorrow after her appointment to give her something to look forward too. It really does make a huge difference to her, she was really fed up this morning as both her sisters are off out doing normal school holiday things but ever since the postman arrived she hasn’t stopped smiling! I have attached a picture of a very happy Anna.”

Our applicant Mel had a fantastic time at Anfield to watch Liverpool v Stoke. The family expressed the following “We are forever indebted to the David Randall Foundation and our ambassador, Neil.

We applied to the foundation, following my Mum diagnosis of terminal cancer and her diagnosis was weeks, to short months. We had one request and that was to fulfill my Mum’s dream of watching her beloved Liverpool at Anfield. Within weeks, Neil had arranged for myself, my brother, my sister and our Mum to watch Liverpool vs Stoke on Tuesday 27 December… the best Christmas present ever, for my Mum and it would appear that Neil had completed the impossible! To top it all off, to my Mum’s surprise, Neil had arranged for us to stay at The Shankley Hotel the night before and it was absolutely stunning!

And as a final gift, Liverpool managed to come from one-nil down and beat Stoke, by four goals to one.

It was a superb day out and one we will never forget…Thank you so much to Neil & the David Randall Foundation.”

We are grateful to our Ambassador Paul and Essex Police for giving a fantastic “Blues and Twos” experience to our applicant Luke recently.

Arsenal fan Patrick enjoyed his trip to the Emirates Stadium for the Arsenal v Watford game this week. Despite his team losing he still had an awesome time. Here is an extract of the feedback we received. “Patrick had a fantastic time and we can’t thank you enough for the tickets and the ambulance. St Johns were amazing. The staff at the stadium were very helpful. I cannot express just how much excitement and happy memories this trip has generated for Patrick and his family who are still buzzing!”

Our applicant Patrick is an ardent Arsenal fan and thanks to our ambassador Sarah he had a double surprise this week. Sarah arranged for the Arsenal squad to sign a home shirt and trustee Gary delivered it to him at St Luke’s Hospice in Basildon.
Once Patrick had recovered from that nice surprise he was handed another as we had also been able to secure tickets for a forthcoming Premier League game.
Big thanks to Sarah, Gary and his colleagues at Basildon Fire Station and enjoy the game Patrick.

Our applicant Emily wrapped up warm in the November air this week to visit Sealife with her Mum and Dad. A brilliant day was had according to Emily’s parents and our Ambassador Caroline. Emily’s highlight was to touch a starfish!!

Emma asked us to organise a trip to Warwick Castle for her and her family.
They all had an amazing time, not least because their baby daughter took her first steps in the lovely hotel ambassador Claire booked for them.

Our applicant Robert had a great day at Wimbledon and couldn’t wait to tell our ambassador Colin all about it.
Thank you Colin. that was a pretty awesome day! Even though it rained later in the day. We saw most of the Stan Warinka match and the all the start of the Konta game. She was playing really well so shame the rain came when it did!
Thanks to you aswell, before we went to court 1 we went to the British tennis membership area where we had lunch. I hot lasagne with some garlic bread, so that was even right up my street. Even the journey to Wimbledon went well with the Dartford crossing’s newish system went better than I’ve ever experienced!
Awesome day! Your the best!

Top of our applicant Lee’s bucket list was to visit the Aston Martin factory in Warwickshire for a tour. Thanks to a personal contact of one our ambassadors we were able to turn a ‘Good Day’ into a rather special one. We are extremely grateful to Louise and everyone at Aston Martin for making this trip happen. As for the day itself, we will let Lee tell you in his own words….
I had a fantastic day on Wednesday 18th May 2016, at the Aston Martin factory in Gaydon, Warwickshire.
On arrival we were greeted and introduced to our tour guides Des & Steve, who explained what the tour and day involved over coffee & biscuits.
The tour started with the heritage of Aston Martin with the first David Brown vehicle made going through the years to the current day with the DB11. The knowledge of the guides was second to none.
Then we proceeded into the factory which was incredible the size of the building was amazing. We were able to see the full production line from the seats and dashboard being upholstered, the engines installed, all the way through to a complete vehicle ready for testing. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take any photographs in the factory this down to client’s vehicles privacy until the client takes delivery of their car. Not even the factory workers know who the client is.
They even had a full working model of the James Bond DB5, with all the gadgets. This would set you back a mere £28,000.
After the tour we had a lovely lunch in one of the conference suites, during which the Chief Finance Officer Marc Wilson took time out of his day to see how we were enjoying the tour and answer questions.
We then had a ride in the two Aston’s pictured, the Vanquish (blue) and the Rapide (white) going through the local villages in the Cotswolds. The Drivers Steve & Simon showed us what the cars are capable of which was unbelievable, class at its best. Could have stayed out in them all afternoon.
I would like to say a huge** thank you to everyone who was involved in arranging this experience from the David Randall Foundation and Aston Martin. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thank you.

Our applicant Tony is mad about Harley Davidson motorbikes. We were therefore indebted to local Harley owners Brian & Kim who brought their beautiful machine on a sunny day to Maldon Prom Park to surprise Tony after his pub lunch.
Brian also presented Tony with a Harley Davidson pocket watch!!

Brother and Sister Anthony and Sarah had a fantastic VIP experience at Snakes Alive recently. In a private session they handled everything that crawled and slithered possible. They also learnt a bit about the reptiles hisssstory too (sorry!). Clearly not faint hearted this pair as the photos show.

Our applicant Nadine has ticked something of her bucket list. With the help of Ambassador Carol she has recently visited West End theatre-land to see the brilliant Lion King production.
We will let Nadine tell you how it went…..
The show was absolutely brilliant – I cried so many times and the goosebumps the show gives didn’t stop. We had brilliant seats, right near the front – we had the characters walk straight past us during the show especially being right on the edge, it really was phenomenal!! We weren’t allowed to take photos of the show, but took some selfies out and about.
Again THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for everything you have done. xxxxx

Our applicant Sam had a great time with her Mum, Dad and Sister when they travelled to London’s West End to see the fabulous Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Right at the very top of our applicant Tony’s bucket list was to see a Leona Lewis gig. So when Leona (who shot to fame after winning the X Factor in 2006 before becoming a worldwide platinum recording artist) came to town we needed to make sure Tony was there. As is becoming the norm, our Ambassador Keith went the extra mile and arranged for Tony to meet Leona too!!
Tony’s sister tells us that he had a fabulous evening and sent us a couple of photos to share.

Our applicant Jennifer had a day to remember last week when she and her 3 children visited Harry Potter World. In Jennifer’s words they had a “fantastic day” and she has shared these beautiful family photos with us.

If you want a view of London, you really want to have the best view! Our applicant Danuta certainly got that when she visited The Shard for dinner with her daughter. Despite horrendous travel problems, we hope they still had a lovely trip.

Before Christmas our ambassador Sharon organised an outing for Jennifer and her family to see the musical of The Snowman.

Katie loves Cats. Katie loves Cake. So a day trip to London to visit a very* unique Cat Cafe* seemed a perfect trip. Last week Katie made that journey and had a fabulous day. Now quite often our applicants will send us a photo following their day but Katie has gone a stage further and sent us her home made video.
We are so pleased you had a great day Katie.
Copy and paste this link

Our applicant Mary is a real animal lover. Having organised a trip to Monkey World for her in October, ambassador Nikki decided it was a bit cold to be traipsing around wild life parks in January so organised an animal party for her and some friends at a local hotel.
Here is Mary enjoying getting close to the animals.

Our applicant Nathan went to Colchester United’s Weston Homes Stadium recently to see a Take That Tribute Band. His mum Sue reports that they had such a good time that Nathan even had a little boogie as well as a great sing-a-long. The boys in the band even posed for a picture afterwards.

Word reaches us today (18th Nov) of how much Sarah & Anthony enjoyed their London day out. They travelled the Thames by boat and visited Sealife, The London Aquarium and also the London Dungeon.
We think this photo is wonderful!

We have received a lovely e-mail today (13th Nov) via our Ambassador John from the father of Mitchell who had a fabulous weekend away with his family in Bournemouth, the highlight of which was a visit to the Tank Museum. His Dad Andy said “We all agreed that there was not one aspect of the weekend that we could have bettered”.

Christer went to a Supercar Drive Day at Carver Barracks Debden near Saffron Walden yesterday (25th October). He went with his nominated friend/carer and they got to drive a total of 5 Supercars!!
They had a brilliant time!

Sam didn’t have a big bucket list. Just the one thing really. She wanted to meet the fabulous Olly Murs. We were very fortunate to make her wish come true.

Katie really enjoyed her trip to London to see the show Wicked.
We just want to give you an massive warm hearted thank you. The show wicked was totally amazing , it was so lovely to see Katie smiling all the way through . To see this show has been on Katie’s wish list for a very long while, but it’s was very hard for me to fulfil this wish.

When you have a child That battles with health issues it’s heart breaking to watch and not be able to anything about it. It’s the fond memories that make it all that bit better, so for Katie to have her wish fulfilled and to see her eyes light up will be those fond memories that last forever. Thank you all at the David Randall for making this possible.

Keep up the good work because it really does make a difference.

Robert wanted to ride in a fast car at Brands Hatch and Robert’s ambassador Graham arranged just that.
Here he is enjoying the experience.

Hi Sue, Rob had his car ride at Brands Hatch this morning. It all went really well, everyone very helpful and made sure Rob got the most from the experience.
Thank you to you and Graham. Rob had been looking forward to it and we couldn’t have wished for better weather. He had a great time. Love Sue xx

Nathan had a day out at Hall Farm Stratford St Mary’s recently with his Mum Sue and ambassadors Julia and Matt.

It was lovely to see you again and for us to meet Matt.

Thank you and to DRF for a lovely lunch and the wonderful company.

Looks as though Matt needs a bit more practice with the wheel chair though!

Jordan enjoys Star Wars and the cinema so we organised a visit to the Secret Cinema for him. Obviously we cant tell you where he went

Just wanted to let you know that Jordan had a fantastic time on Sunday!!! It was everything he hoped it would be :) ….he got to meet Han Solo and Chewbacca ….taken onto the Death Star, see Darth Vader and pilot a spaceship!!! Lol ….it was a very eventful experience!!! …..and the best thing was that we were able to share it with him!

Thank you once again for arranging such a great day out. We will all have some great memories from the day

As promised I have attached some pics, unfortunately as the whole event is ‘secret’ we were not allowed to take photos whilst at the venue but we took a few beforehand.

Our applicant Robert is a Liverpool supporter but unfortunately he is not well enough to travel to Liverpool so we desperately tried to obtain a wheelchair space for him at a London club where Liverpool was playing. We were not very successful, but then Liverpool qualified for the semi-final of the FA cup and our lovely ambassador Ray managed to get 2 VIP tickets for Robert and his carer to go to Wembley to watch his team. Liverpool kindly sent him a goody bag.
Here is Rob in his Liverpool scarf and shirt with his VIP ticket waiting for the taxi to pick him up to take him to Wembley.

Stephen and his family enjoyed a great day out at Harry Potter World.

Jordan celebrated his birthday with family and friends at TGI Friday

Sara is a Strictly Come Dancing fan and her ambassador Carol has already made her dreams come true by somehow managing to get Sara and her Mum tickets for the recording of Strictly’s Christmas Special.
When we found out that Flavia and Vincent were performing “Dance til Dawn” locally in Southend we booked tickets for them straight away.
Luckily for Sara, Rob, one of John and David’s friends is a professional musician and is touring with Flavia and Vincent.
What a night Sara and her Mum had! Dear Carol,

What can I say?

What wonderful dancing!
What a fantastic production!!
What an amazing surprise!!!
An altogether fabulous evening – we couldn’t have had a more enjoyable night – thank you.

The entire show was wonderful but watching Vincent and Flavia perform their signature dance live – the Argentine Tango – was quite simply the pinnacle. Meeting the pair of them was beyond anything I could ever imagined.
They were lovely, both very down to earth.
Vincent was characteristically amusing: joking about what a terrific dancer he was.
Flavia was quite shy and very unassuming.
They both thanked us for going!!
I attach a photo for the scrapbook; hope you like it. Martin Hope (the Company Manager) very kindly took it for us. I intend to make lots of people green. It will serve as a very special momento of a very special evening.

Living with Cystinosis can be tough but thanks to the amazing work of the Foundation, and yourself in particular, I have experienced some extraordinary days. There simply are no words to express the gratitude you are owed.

Sincerest thanks – always.

Sara xx

PS: Rob Anstey (the very talented Bass player) also came and introduced himself. He too was lovely. He was obviously very familiar with the Foundation and says ‘Hello’ to everyone.

Cindy and Theo enjoying basketball at the 02 with NBA legends Dikembe Mutombo and John Amaechi

We also managed to get them tickets for Ant and Dec ‘s Saturday Night Take Away and the Lion King

Thank you so very much. We have been truly blessed by the David Randall Foundation. I am eternally grateful that you are creating such fantastic memories for Theo and I.

One of our ambassadors has just organised an unforgettable trip for another of our applicants. This is what Sara had to say about her day out:

  • When Sue Greenwood, my hospice nurse from The Js, mentioned The David Randall Foundation I was a little sceptical. I didn’t believe they could do anything for me; I was perfectly content with life.
    After careful consideration I decided that there was something I would like;
    I thought it would be great to watch Strictly Come Dancing live.

Upon receipt of my request Sue Randall (Trustee of the Foundation) passed my case onto Carol Byrant (a particularly passionate and committed- ‘Ambassador’ of the Foundation). Carol worked tirelessly to fulfil my request.
Louise Rainbow, (the Executive Producer of ‘Strictly’ very kindly invited Mum (my sole Carer) and I to watch the filming of the Christmas Special.

It was a fabulous outing and we loved every single moment!!
The show’s stars were fantastic; many of them came and spoke to us.
I even got a kiss from Brucie and Len!!

Life can be difficult at times, all medical professionals, hospital visits and medications. Aside from attending hospital and hospice appointments Mum and I tend not to go out.
The show was a delightful preoccupation and a brief escape for both of us,
We didn’t have to worry about anything; Carol and Annabel (from the BBC) took care of everything, they made the whole process easy.

The David Randall Foundation is an extraordinarily special institution.
Its dedicated team work diligently to arrange ‘unforgettable’ experiences for those whom life sometimes treats unfairly.
The Foundation strives to make very ‘special’ days as normal as possible
That means everything.
Sara has also been to the Strictly Tour at the 02 and is looking forward to going to Southend to see Flavia and Vincent in Dance Til Dawn

  • One of our applicants had an amazing time at Queens Park Rangers. His ambassador organised for him to not only go to a football match but on the previous day to watch the players train and have lunch with them. His testimonial is here:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my QPR experience. It has made my year already. Although it doesnt look like it in the photos ( ive lost my smile) , i was beaming inside and was shaking when i got to meet the players. My mum was telling me to ‘calm down’. It was fantastic to meet my heroes.

They all came over and signed my calender for me, shook my hand and had photos taken with me. I was getting totally overwhelmed by the time i went home.

The next day was match day. It was brilliant but very cold. As well as my mum i took Steph from J’s Hospice, my sister, brother in law and my niece (it was her first football match). During the match i got a hug from ‘Jude’ the club mascot. We went on and won 2-1 with my favourite player Charlie Austin scoring both for us.

When my mum told me about going after she was told, i could have cried. It has always been my dream to go to the training ground and meet them. You have done that for me and i am so so so thankful for this. I have such happy memories from this.

Forever greatful

Good Days

Good Days

Cream Tea at Claridges

  • A particular applicant, Tony, had requested an outing to Claridges in London for a cream tea, something that we were more than happy arrange. Below is a copy of a letter and a photo from Tony’s parents expressing their thanks:

Tony and Family

  • Here’s* Claire enjoying Britain’s Got Talent*!
    Claire at BGT
  • I just wanted to say a really big thank you for our fantastic trip to London zoo.
    We had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed our penguin petting session. Charlotte got to stroke Ricky the Rickhopper (her adopted one) and also a gorgeous baby one called Puddle.
    Many thanks for all your help.
    Best wishes Denise, Charlotte and Family

Charlotte with Ricky the Rickhopper
Charlotte with Ricky

  • I just wanted to say that we are having the most wonderful time at centre parcs! The weather is terrible but it hasn’t stopped us doing anything so far…. The children are loving the bikes and trailer for them to sit in!! We’re of to see the animals at the mini farm this morning and going to a magic show this evening! I’m sure we’ll fit some swimming in too!!!
    Thank you so much to the David Randall foundation for this amazing opportunity!!!
  • Just a quick e-mail to thank you and your lovely team for the wonderful evening at the cricket last week, as I said to you I was not sure that Jake would manage to get there let alone stay for four hours! He hasn’t left the house in over two years or sat in his chair for more than an hour or so, we were thinking that the days of him going anywhere were over, but that evening has given him some of his old confidence back and he has realised that actually he can get out and have some fun which as you know is a huge step.
    He thoroughly enjoyed the cricket and of course meeting the cricketers, he was slightly in awe of Alistair Cook – its quite a leap to go from a photo on your wall to meeting him in the flesh. The bat is fantastic and a lovely way to remember the evening, thanks to Andrew for getting it signed and dropping it off

Jake with Cooky
Jake with Cooky
Jake with Darren Gough and Alex Tudor
Jake with Darren Gough and Alex Tudor
Jake with Andy Flower and Greame Swann
Jake with Andy Flower and Greame Swan

  • Jessie enjoying a trip to Longleat with her family
    Jessie at Longleat
  • We arranged for three of our applicants to go to V festival. Two of them were lucky enough to meet the Killers.
  • Anna’s family had a great day out at Paradise Wildlife Park

I would like to say a big thank you to the David Randall Foundation for our day out at Paradise Wildlife Park. We started off with a MAGIC tour. A park ranger showed us lots of different animals and we were allowed to get really close to them and take pictures. At one point we all held a skunk!! After our MAGIC tour we had a tasty lunch and visited all the areas in the park. It was very tiring but we all really enjoyed our day. Thank you very much for a brilliant day.

Not all of our applicants want to be featured on our website but here are just a few of the outings we have organised:
• Trips to Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, QPR & Wembley
• Trips to the Cricket to meet Cooky & his Cricketing pals.
• Numerous London Theatre trips including Wicked, Lion King, Billy Elliott etc
• A Number of Spa days
• Gym Membership
• Trip to Longleat
• Tea at Claridges
• Trip to V Festival to meet top US band The Killers
• Weekend in a Lodge
• Tickets for Britain’s Got Talent
• Weekend at Centre Parcs
• Weekend at Greenwoods Spa Hotel
• Trip to London Zoo for a young lady to visit Ricky the penguin
• London Film Museum and TGI*’s
• Murder Mystery on a steam train
• Strictly Come Dancing tour at O2
• Paradise Wildlife Park
• Kew Gardens Winter Wonderland
• Cinema and Pizza Express
• Cadbury World and Lego Land
• London Eye and Sea Life Centre
• Russell Kane Comedy Night
• Membership to Royal Museums at Greenwich
• Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park
• American Basketball at the O2
• Family Breakfasts and Meals Out
• National Theatre Tickets
• Monkey World in Dorset
• Meet and Greet with Olly Murs
• Visit to Tank Museum in Bournemouth
• Driving Experience in Supercars
• Royal Observatory & London Dungeons Day
• Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium
• Leona Lewis Concert and Meet & Greet
• Private VIP Snake & Reptile Experience!
• Aston Martin Factory Tour
• Wimbledon Tennis Championships
• Warwick Castle
• Arsenal Tickets
• Warwick Castle
• Liverpool Tickets
• Foyles Book Shop Vouchers
• Chelsea tickets
• Ed Sheeran concert tickets
• Peppa Pig World
• Luxury garden furniture
• Duxford Airfield and Museum
• Penguin Experience at Colchester Zoo
• Rainforest Cafe
• Woburn Safari Park
• Beth Chatto Gardens
• York Train Museum
• Rainforest Cafe
• Milsoms Restuarant
• Funding an applicants “Disability Fashion Show
• Beth Chatto Gardens
• Duxford Airfield
• Kimmy’s Petting Zoo